Drink it or mix it! Niveau Smart Energy, is designed to hydrate while increasing alertness and focus. Smart Energy is flexible enough to drink chilled, over ice, as well as mixed. You can add Smart Energy to your favorite juice, smoothie, or cocktail! Be sure to checkout some of our popular recipes!


  • This is a fantastic product, and the small bottles are so convenient. Before the small bottles I had to make my Pre workout drink before work and carry it with me. Now I can stash these little bottles in my desk and mix my drink right before leaving the office and drink it fresh on the way to the gym. Thanks for the small bottles, they are a godsend! Here's hoping that in the near future you add other flavors to the line up.

    - Maxwell -

  • I never have energy and wanted to try something new in hope of not breaking out in hives or only having high blood pressure when drinking the other energy drink.I was worried when I drank this one and 5 minutes later no hives figured is not going to work but surprise it did is smooth energy and no crash or feeling like I want o fight someone in a ring for a boxing match.. The taste is okay too The other thing I really like I dont have to keep it in the refrigerator I can put it in my purse. We go fly our Inspire 1 drone and lately you can see me jump up and down on video full of energy!

    - Cleopatra -

  • I ordered this product because I am on a diet and need to lose 20 lbs by summer. This one appealed to me because it has zero calories and it has no sugars or artificial flavors. I like that this gives you energy while enhancing your mood. I feel that a bad mood is such a waste of time and not fair to my family and friends. I drink a health smoothie for lunch everyday and I added this to it. I thought it made my smoothie taste amazing. It counteracted the taste of spinach in it.

    - Nicole -