Los Angeles | Becky Lerner

May 28, 2018

Los Angeles | Becky Lerner

Becky Lerner



Pilates: I teach both privately and in group settings. I would say I’m a hybrid between Contemporary and Classical Pilates and I pride myself on running a tough class. I believe every body is different but that we’re all fully capable and stronger than we think. So, wherever you’re starting on any given day does not devalue any work you’re doing. I’m blunt and a little militant but we absolutely have our fun in my classes and laugh whether it’s at my cheesy jokes or the fact that I’ve been saying “TWO MORE!” for the last sixteen reps. (Ok, not literally sixteen. Maybe sixteen. Ok fine. It may be sixteen, but it’s only 30 seconds!)

Dance: I’ve been dancing on and off since I was 10. I’m professional in Hip-Hop, Jazz Funk, Modern, and some specialty styles such as Dancehall, Soca and Afrobeat. I have worked with some small artists here in LA, and some bigger artists when I worked in nightlife in Chicago. I adore performing whether I’m on stage or on set and hope to keep the momentum going so when y’all reach out for a second interview, I can be all, “Yep! I’ve worked with Brandy, Usher, Chris Brown and JLo!”

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