The team at Niveau Brands Inc. is focused on promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.  Our current and future products are intended for fitness enthusiasts and health conscious individuals who also enjoy the occasional cheat meal or day.  We believe in moderation!   

Our flagship product, Niveau Smart Energy is America’s first ZERO SUGAR, naturally sweetened, vitamin beverage designed to hydrate and keep you alert.  Try our citrus blend!  Shoot it, pour over ice, or add to your smoothie or juice!




Wild Thoughts...

Have you ever had an epiphany or a wild thought for a product or business idea?  In 2009 Elliott Johnson, while out with some friends, had an epiphany/wild thought, "What if there was a healthy energy shot we could add to club soda?".  This would allow him to be social with friends, and popup out of bed the next day for his early 6 AM workout. 

After much trial and error, Elliott aligned himself with beverage experts and fitness professionals to create a simple, clean, and effective healthy beverage.  He named his new company Niveau Brands.  Niveau is the french word for level or plateau, and Niveau Smart Energy delivers focused energy in that manner.